You do not HAVE a soul. You ARE a soul . .  having a human, 3 dimensional experience.

The work we do together - allows you to access the subconscious AND the higher dimensions of your total being.  This is where the magic lives.  This is where you become capable of overcoming the obstacles, transcending the perceived unworthiness, healing the wounds from the many experiences your soul has already had.

Through hypnotherapy, NLP and other healing techniques - we facilitate your expanded consciousness, empowerment in life situations, release from burdens and negative patterns of the past present and future. 

JoyRae's sessions are VERY effective - as clients feel from her a very high level of comfort and trust.  


You will journey to other dimensions.

The whole of you will be accessed and you will be encouraged to create a new perception of your current life experience.

If you are ready . .  then it is time and we will facilitate the transformation.